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Who We Are?

We are an NGO with a dedicated group of people working towards modern age societal issues around us. In 2015, we started our beautiful journey as the Good Universe to make the world a better place to live. Our focus area involves issues such as gender-based violence, gender and climate change, mental health, and well-being. We believe in collaboration that helps to open up partnership prospects with other NGOs working in similar fields. In the past, we have partnered with legal agencies and renowned consultants. Our ultimate objective is to drive behavioral and attitudinal change in society. Our vision is to create a sense of equality amongst everyone. We believe that the world has been evolving continuously, whereas we have grown intolerant towards societal issues. Everyone has the right to exercise their freedom over life choices, sexuality, and jobs with adequate resources. With rising social issues, we have witnessed a deterioration in our mental health and even a compromised lifestyle. However, we have identified areas such as content creation, awareness campaigns, capacity building, and training to help in better social engagements. We have joined hands for one of our most successful initiatives known as "Invisible Scars" - a support group for domestic abuse survivors. We pledge to change the outlook of our society, making it a place to encourage the coexistence of people and their living choices. We wish to make our universe, a 'Good Universe' to dwell.

What do we do? 

We have narrowed down to focus areas such as gender-based violence, gender, and climate change in our tenure, which have been the pillar of our NGO. We closely work to help people understand gender and climate change. We have proposed programs such as mental health and well-being, which help us in understanding the problems faced by individuals. Our Mental health and well-being program helps in identifying stress and anxiety, recognizing negative thoughts, and guiding the individual to face challenging situations. We have designed another program - Domestic abuse, to help individuals overcome their fears. It is essential to categorize problems and branch out solutions to clear the air. At our NGO, we encourage people to talk about their problems, which helps us in guiding them through the solution. We have been working with consultants, legal agencies, and other NGOs to improve the prevailing conditions of our society. We have designed our program pricing to address audience sizes ranging from 35 to-200. We have our program facilitators who have gained their expertise in handling modern age issues. We are a bunch of people who aim to make the world, healthier and happier version of itself. We believe that we can achieve our goal with the help of the support of everyone, directly or indirectly impacting our lives.


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